Video Production Process

We use an agile video production process adapted from the software development process of the same name. This is because the standard video production process doesn't adequately account for the needs of the Corporate Video Environment. With our agile process, the client will input their requirements at certain milestones within the production process, such as approving and providing feedback on the script, providing input and feedback during the actual video shoot, and providing input upon completion of the first draft of the video. This allows our clients to have as much or as little involvement in the process as they want and as their schedule dictates is possible. Whether you'd like to be intricately involved in the process or you want to provide initial input and let us do the rest for you, and anything in between; all of that is possible within the framework of our video production process. It's easy, stress free and customizable to your exact needs and requirements.


Pre-Production encompasses all the tasks that need to be completed before shooting video occurs. Requirements vary from project to project, but what follows is a synopsis of some of the most common tasks that need to be completed within the Production process. The first thing we need to do is find out all about the needs and requirements for your video project. This is known as the "Creative Brief". We'll ask you a few questions during our initial conversation, which can be either in person or on the phone, in order to identify all the different components of the video. A lot of our clients even have an example of some videos that they have seen that they like and can point us towards. That's always really helpful. Once we know all about what you need, we'll use that information to provide a formal quote to you. The quote will include the time it costs to shoot and edit the video and any other costs that might be necessary to complete the project such as, casting, crew, props, locations, wardrobe, music licensing, etc. There are many tasks that may need to be completed during the pre-production phase of video production including: Concept Development, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Casting, and Location Scouting. Whether or not these individual tasks need to be completed for your video depends on each individual video’s needs and requirements.

Production refers to the time that you are actually shooting video. This can be several hours up to several days based on your videos' individual needs/requirements. Once all the preproduction planning has been taken care of, we will set a date to shoot any video that needs to be shot. This can include interview, or actors on screen, plus any b-roll that is necessary for the video. B-roll usually consists of individual shots of the product that the subject onscreen is referring to. That way you have something more interesting than just a talking head on screen. The key to having a great shoot is to have all the pre-production planning completed and THEN setting a shoot date or dates.

Shooting video can be as simple as one person with a camera, like when you are shooting live presentations. Or, it can require camera, lights, sound, and potentially other crew in addition to a videographer. When our crew person or crew persons arrive, they will have a pre -determined amount of time that is needed to set up the lights, camera, and sound equipment before the shoot begins. Then, each shot on the shot list is recorded until it is satisfactory. After the shoot, there will be a pre-determined amount of time needed to break down all the lights, camera, and sound equipment and load it out of the location.

In video post-production, the term "editing" is a specific term used to describe the process of cutting video together in a video editing program. For the rest of the world, the term "editing" is used to describe everything that happens after the video is shot. This process is also called Post-Production. The amount of editing or post-production that your video requires will depend on a number of different factors, such as; how much video was shot, graphics needs, music search and licensing, color grading, and audio post production. All of these are post-production tasks. The goal of post-production editing is to make a first draft of the video for our clients review. At this milestone, you will give us feedback on the first draft of the video. Finally, we'll use this important feedback so we can make revisions and ultimately complete a final, approved video.

When the production process is completed and you approve the video, Kirkland Video Production will deliver a high-resolution digital copy of the video for your use. We can deliver this to you via any popular file transfer service, like dropbox,, or whatever works best for you, if you have some other method you prefer. If you need copies of the video in different codecs and file formats for specific uses, just let us know. We can accommodate almost any request. We've been asked to deliver video that can be shown on YouTube, Vimeo, Television, DVD, Projector screens, TV's turned on their side with specialized codecs at industry trade shows, and much more. We will figure out all the technical issues for playing back your video so you don't have to!