We offer a wide range of videography services including; shooting, editing, script writing, motion graphics, in-house makeup services, teleprompter services and more.

Custom video created for your company or organization.

Kirkland Video Production consists of a team of highly skilled video professionals. We've been serving companies and agencies of all sizes for the past decade and take great pride in every video we make. We recognize the importance of having kind, caring, friendly people to partner with on your video projects. We cultivate that attitude in everything we do and every interaction we have with the folks that are kind enough to hire us.

We've developed an agile video production process in order to give you maximum control on the outcome of your final video. By giving feedback and input at specific milestones within the production process, you won't have to wonder if your video is coming out good, you will know that your video is coming out great. Most video production companies will not give you any control or input within the production process. This is what sets Kirkland Video Production apart from the rest.

Behind the Scenes at New Dawn Diamonds Shoot.




Video Shoot for Rain City Maids



We offer complete end to end video production services from concept to delivery.

Corporate Marketing Video

Corporate marketing videos are created to tell your company’s “story”. The objective of a corporate marketing video is to promote your company and its values and mission. The target market for corporate marketing videos are your company’s potential customers, partners, and investors. So, the video will usually consist of interviews with thought leaders within your company and b-roll of the organization. Alternatively, corporate marketing videos can be created using stock graphics, animations, and voice over narration.

Product Marketing Video

Product Marketing videos are created for one reason: To sell a company’s products or services. The target market for the videos are the company’s target customer or sponsors, in the case of IndieGogo or Kickstarter campaign videos. Typically, the product marketing video will show the features and benefits of the product and end with a strong call to action. This can be accomplished with stock graphics, photos, animation, and voice over narration, or it can be a live person on screen demonstrating the product.

Recruiting Video

All companies need great employees. But, how do you attract top talent to your company? One way to do this is with recruiting videos. These videos give you a chance to highlight your company’s “DNA” and talk about why potential employees should consider working there. Recruiting videos often consist of interviews with thought leaders within your company, like Directors, CEO, Hiring Managers, HR Folks, etc., along with b-roll of a lot of diverse, happy employees enjoying their jobs. See samples of some typical corporate marketing videos below.

Training Video

Training videos are created to train customers how to use your product. Sometimes companies produce these for internal use to train their employees. The video usually consists of a live person doing a demonstration along with some close up shots of the product or technique that is being demonstrated. Alternatively, Training videos can be created using stock graphics, animations, and voice over narration. The final video is usually posted on the corporate website and social media channels that host video, like YouTube. See samples of some typical Training videos below.

Event Highlight Video

Event Highlight videos are often used by corporations to capture special events. The special event can be anything from a grand opening, awards ceremony, to a dinner or any other special occasion that needs to be captured on video. Kirkland video production can handle all events whether you need just one camera and operator to multiple cameras and operators. We can also handle any live streaming or photography needs for your event if that is necessary.

Presentation Video

Presentation videos are made to capture a live presentation in front of a group of people. Companies usually shoot presentation videos to share with internal or external customers who couldn’t attend the actual presentation and may be interested in the content. Kirkland Video Production can perform video capture for live presentations with just a single camera and operator, multiple cameras/operators and post production editing, all the way up to live switched multi camera presentations. We can even do a live webcast if that is part of your requirements.

Video Production Work Samples

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Work Process

Check out our process for creating stunning videos from concept, to delivery of a final product that will impress your potential customers and make an impact on the bottom line.

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